Auto Body Repair & Maintenance

Tsawwassen Collision is an ICBC accredited Auto Body Shop for Tsawwassen & Delta.

Auto Body Repair or Collision Repair?

To some people the two mean the same thing but there are many things other than a collision that can damage a car exterior. Tree branches in windstorms, rocks on a highway, errant sports activity, things falling on the car in your garage and the unfortunate situation of break-ins and vandalism are examples. Rust is really not a factor in cars made in the last 15 years but paint damage can occur from environmental issues or accidental contact. The repair procedures and equipment used are very similar in lighter autobody damage repair as in collision repair and a well equipped collision shop can take care of any type of damage.

With 18 service bays Tsawwassen Collision has the capacity for all types of autobody repairs and can do this work for any of the insurance companies working in BC or directly for the vehicle owner.



Auto Body Maintenance and Operation Issues

Most people do not think of the body of the car as requiring maintenance, but if all door and window operations are working as they should and the interior and exterior have been well cleaned and protected the car will be much more enjoyable to use, while lasting longer and holding higher value.

Door and tailgate operation, window mechanisms, door hinges, windshield wiper operation, seat and seatbelt function and sunroof issues are examples of autobody or chassis components that do need repair or maintenance.

Repairs and maintenance of these components are sometimes best done in an auto body shop and sometimes at a mechanical repair shop.  At Tsawwassen Collision, with a fully qualified mechanic on staff working with our auto body technicians, we understand both maintenance and repair of all of these components.


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