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Who Chooses Where Your Car is Repaired?

It is your car and the decision on where to get it repaired is yours.

Most private insurance companies have Direct Repair Provider (DRP) relationships with specific collision repair facilities and will suggest very strongly that the car be taken to one of these shops. ICBC does not use a DRP model.

While these DRP models do pay attention to the capabilities and customer service standards of the repair shop the primary purpose of the program is administrative. If the insurance company is able to strike a deal with a national group their billing and communication procedures become simpler. This does reduce their operating costs and this will factor into their overall policy costs.

Tsawwassen Collision has in the past had DRP relationships with some of the private companies operating in BC but as an independent facility we found over time that the requirements of these program did not improve the quality of repair or level of service we were able to provide to our customers.

When we were on these programs we did not get, nor expect, referrals from out of our area. As a vehicle owner you do not have to accept a referral to an out of area facility.

While the insurance companies will suggest that it is very important that their clients deal only with the shops that they refer you to this has more to do with saving money through administrative efficiency than with quality, service or safety.

The usual methods used to convince you to take the car to one of their DRP shops include the suggestion or warning that they cannot control rates at non DRP shops and the vehicle owner may be charged more than what the insurance company will pay. They will also say that they cannot vouch for quality of repairs at a non DRP facility and they cannot help with warranty repairs in this case.

In reality, at Tsawwassen Collision we continue to work effectively and professionally with all insurance companies. All insurance companies in BC use very similar rate structures and payment models and we have no problems with any of them. We never involve the customer in payment for insurance work.

It is also our facility that provides the warranty and we have never had an issue where the insurance company has had to step in to provide warranty repairs.