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Mechanical Repair Services

Collision Related Mechanical Repair

Most auto collisions require more than just structural repair. Tsawwassen Collision is an industry leader in recognizing the complexity of mechanical repairs and employs a fully licensed mechanic as part of the repair team.

This mechanic, working with current technology including electronic diagnostic and wheel alignment equipment allows us to maintain full control of the entire repair process with minimal sublet involved.  There is both efficiency and security added to the process if the vehicle does not have to leave our facility.


Wheel Alignment

The norm in the collision repair industry is that collision repair shops have a sublet arrangement with a local mechanical repair shop to perform post-repair wheel alignments. Nearly 10 years ago, in 2007, we recognized at Tsawwassen Collision that there was a loss in both efficiency and quality control in this arrangement and added an alignment hoist and wheel alignment equipment to allow us to do this work in house. In 2014 the wheel alignment unit was replaced with next generation equipment to keep up with new technology.

Collision damage often includes wheel and tire damage and we also have current technology tire changing and wheel balancing equipment capable of servicing all modern alloy wheels.


Non Collision Related Mechanical Repair and Maintenance

While Tsawwassen Collision does not actively advertise or promote our capabilities as a mechanical repair shop we are fully equipped and staffed for most repairs.

We can provide additional mechanical services while your car is here because of collision work and we will also provide a range of mechanical services to our collision repair customers at any time.