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Reporting An Insurance Claim

Reporting a Claim to Your Insurance Company

Before calling the relevant insurance company it is best to be organized with a copy of the vehicle registration, insurance papers (these two are the same if you are insured only by ICBC) and your driver’s license. In most cases the insurance adjuster will need to speak to the person who was in control of the car at the time of the incident.

If the claim is theft related, vandalism or hit and run you will need a police case number; this means you will need to make a police report in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred before calling the insurance company.

The insurance representative will ask you questions about the incident and it is a good idea to take a minute before making the call to ensure that all information you have is in front of you or clear in your mind.


Contact Points for Insurance Companies

ICBC – Dial a Claim 604 520 8222

The most common way that people in BC insure is fully with ICBC, including the mandatory coverage which all cars must have and the optional coverage which ICBC and other companies sell. If this is how you have purchased your insurance then the only call you need to make is to ICBC Dial-a-Claim.

Private Insurance Company Claim Lines

There are several companies in BC selling optional coverage above the ICBC mandatory basic coverage. If you have purchased insurance from one of these companies call that company before you call ICBC. During that call they will advise you if you also need to contact ICBC.

Your insurance document, which you will need to have on hand to report the claim, will have the number to call.

Your Insurance Agent

The insurance broker who you bought your policy from serves as a selling agent for the insurer and does not have a formal role in the claim process. They will however be familiar with the claim process for the companies they represent so if you are uncertain about how to proceed or have general questions, a call to the agent will prove helpful.