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Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement done by expert technicians.Windshield Replacement and New Technologies

In every discussion of current technology the theme is ‘Change; what used to be is no longer’. Cars are no different and this change includes windshields.  It has been a long time since windshields were intended only to keep the wind and rain out. Windshields became structural components of the car perhaps 20 or 25 years ago, and when they did, safety became a real consideration in replacement.

It can be easily understood that the glass has to be bonded to the metal with some form of bonding material as it cannot be bolted or mechanically attached.  When glass became structural, the industry had to learn how to use the right bonding material in a variety of situations. Along with structural strength, electrical conductivity also had to be considered with antennas and heater lines in the glass.

Surprisingly the choice of material to bond the glass has become simpler over the years, with only two or three products covering the full range of installations.  There is still a choice and attention is needed to make the right one.

Rain sensors that automatically turn on the wipers are now common place, and we are starting to see electronic systems, such as forward looking radar mounted at the rear view mirror that require recalibration of settings and clearing of codes from the control modules. The glass technician can set the glass, but it is starting to ask a lot of him to understand the accessing of complex electronic systems. We get this done at Tsawwassen Collision with the mechanic and glass tech working together.

Fuel efficiency relates to windshields with lighter, stronger glass and precise fit with flush mouldings and there is little tolerance for inaccurate installation.


Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshield replacement prices, with parts and labour, vary over a broad range with few under $500 and some well over $1,000. In most cases windshield replacement is dealt with under comprehensive insurance coverage.