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Back & Side Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair done on the front windshield.Back and Side Glass Repair or Replacement

Side and back windows are made from tempered glass and will not chip like a windshield. As such, an impact that is sharp enough to cause a  will, in this case, cause these side and back pieces to shatter completely.

The side windows are generally less expensive and in some cases the cost of side window replacement is less than the insurance policy deductible. The back glass is usually more expensive than the windshield.

Most cars now have safety sensors in the power window mechanism to lower the glass if it encounters any resistance before it gets to the top. This requires a specific reset if the glass is replaced, so that the sensor does not react and lower the window when it gets to the top.  Many cars have side airbags in the doors. The interior panel has to be removed to install the new glass and the window has to be powered while the panel is off and the airbag disconnected. This will cause an airbag code and light to come on which then has to be scanned and reset at the end of the installation.

At Tsawwassen Collision, we have experience with all the above aspects of back and side glass repair or replacement and will be happy to help you solve your concerns.