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Advanced Vehicle Systems and Electronic Repairs

Advanced Vehicle Systems and Electronic repairsOur approach with electronic repairs

With the ever increasing number of sensors and computerized systems in cars and trucks, Tsawwassen Collision has recognized that once again repair procedures have to change to keep up, especially regarding electronic repairs.

It is unrealistic to expect the technician who has been trained and is very experienced with metal repair to be able to diagnose and then correct electronic systems issues. It is also very inefficient to leave all these until the end of the work and then send the car to the dealer or a sublet mechanical shop to try to resolve these as the last step in the process.


In-house electronic repairs

Our mechanics have both the training and the equipment to be able to diagnose most systems issues. Importantly much of this diagnosis can be done at the disassembly stage, or at another point before the work is completed. If the diagnosis and analysis shows that parts are needed, these can be authorized and ordered as the car moves through other stages of repair.

There are circumstances where we do have to send the car to the dealer for system resets and corrections, but this process is much more efficient if we have done the initial scan and have narrowed down the possible problems.